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Parish Council Minutes 9.16.2014

St. Andrew Parish Council Meeting | MINUTE

Meeting date | time 9/16/2014 Meeting location Rectory Basement
Meeting called to order at: 7:01PM by Shari Loback
PEOPLE PRESENT: Tina Janssen, Patti Soukup, Paul Schmelzer, Lauren Bandler, Enrique Rodriguez, Shari Loback, Cevin Moses, Dan Seuser, Father Angel, Dan Guadian, Shelley Koch
APPROVAL OF LAST MONTH’S MINUTES: August Minutes moved to approve by Paul Schmelzer, 2nd by Lauren Bandler

PASTOR’S REPORT: Enrique has asked to be excused from Parish Council due to an opportunity he has been presented with recently. Enrique accepted a position to help with Catholic Charities to be able to serve as liaison from this community to the county The council thanks Enrique for his years of service to the parish in this role. Father has appointed Dan Guadian as Hispanic Ministry liason in place of Enrique and is here tonight. Father commented that the Hispanic Festival went well although not all the numbers are in yet.

VOICE OF THE PEOPLE: (1) e-mail read from Chuck & Mary Lenz about making better accessibility in the church for handicapped. Responded by letting them know the parish life center in planning stages will definitely be accommodating to those in need of those facilities. (2) Parishioner expressed concern about lack of kneeling during consecration during anglo Masses (not an issue during Spanish Mass); as this issue has been brought up before, we’ve decided to discuss it further with parishioners at the Parish Assembly on October 18.

ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES AND FINANCE (Tina): St. Andrew Parish Finance Council Meeting Minutes September 9, 2014 Present: Fr. Angel, Jim Santy, Deb Alder, Neill Flood, Ed Clair, Tom Bertrand, Jim Stiles, Tina Janssen, Shelley Koch and Teri Krueger Meeting called to order at 7:05pm by Jim Santy Pastor’s Report: Fr. Angel reported that he has been working with the Hispanic community to help organize and promote the Mexican Fiesta taking place September 13, 2014 Old Business: Committee Reports • Teri Krueger reported that in addition to the Friends of St. Andrew’s, envelopes have been placed in the pews for tuition assistance. Approximately $4,000 has been raised so far from these envelopes. • Teri Krueger stated a window will be added to the meeting room in the parish rectory at a cost of $265. • Teri Krueger reported the school kitchen water heater broke and was replaced at a cost of $5,372. Discussion took place regarding who will be overseeing the building/grounds needs that arise on a daily basis. Shelly Koch will be taking this on as part of her duties. Facilities/Campus Needs Committee Report • Neill Flood distributed a summary of the campus facility needs which is almost complete. Committee members will then begin to prioritize the list to determine which projects should be completed first. Parish Center Committee Report • Jim Stiles stated the committee has not met in the last month Disposition of Brown Property Proceeds • Ed Clair reported the Robert Brown property was sold in late August and the proceeds of $57,226.60 have been deposited in parish checking. Mary Kilkenny generously waived her portion of the broker’s fee on the sale for which a thank you from the parish will be given. • Ed Clair stated the neighbors that were taking care of lawn care/snow removal on the property sent an invoice stating “no charge”. It was determined some type of payment/gift should be given to them. Endowment CD Disposition • Teri Krueger reported an endowment CD in the amount of $51,899.22 from the Robert Brown estate matured and is currently in a money market account. • Jim Santy motioned that $50,000 from the proceeds of the property disposition should be kept in the money market account with the remaining $7,226.60 and $51,899.22 from the endowment CD should be transferred to Catholic Community Foundation (CCF) for investment. Deb Alder seconded the motion. Motion passed with a unanimous vote. Church A/C Request Follow-up • Teri Krueger reported that we still have not seen a report from Vorpagel regarding the A/C unit testing that was done. Landscaping Follow-up/Eagle Scout Project • Fr. Angel reported the Eagle Scout project to update the landscaping at the side entrance of the church has been completed. • Teri Krueger reported they received $2,605 in donations for the project. No expenses have been submitted yet. New Business: Casey Resignation • Jim Santy reported a letter has been sent by Dan Casey stating he would like to resign from the Finance Council. Jim Santy motioned to regretfully accept his resignation. Neill Flood seconded the motion. Vote taken and motion carried. Third Floor Ceiling Leaks/Window Replacement • Deb Alder reported the urgent need to fix the ceiling and windows in the upstairs preschool rooms. The roof is still leaking profusely. The windows are the originals with some that don’t open, a few are that are cracked and a couple that have rotted sashes creating broken screens. There is also a need for ceiling fans as the state won’t allow window fans at preschooler’s level. It was determined a new roof will likely be needed and Shelley Koch will begin calling for contractor quotes. August Financials • Financials were distributed by Teri Krueger. She stated an independent audit will be scheduled soon. • Jim Santy noted his concern that collections weren’t higher over the summer months given the influx in summer residents. Meeting adjourned at 8:10pm. Next Meeting: October 14, 2014
HUMAN CONCERNS (Patti W): No report – need to find out date/times of meetings
PRAYER AND WORSHIP (Paul S): Prayer & Worship Parish Council Report 9/15/2014 Plans for the Mass of Remembrance on November 5th are nearing completion. Alter cloth needs were discussed. We may need new purple and red cloths. The new sprinkler arrived. Father Angel reported that we will be testing new state-of-the-art speakers for the church. The current speakers are old, mismatched and responsible for the poor sound quality in many parts of the church. Father is planning a training session for the mass servers on October 11th from 10:00 to noon. Lunch will be served by the Prayer & Worship Committee. Father has been testing several types of changes to the sound system to improve sound quality during Mass. We will be testing out 2 large speakers for free from a Milwaukee sound company to see if it helps the situation.
SCHOOL COMMITTEE (Lauren B): Old Business: Minutes from 8.7.2014 to be revised. Remember Box Tops for Education and Pull Tabs collected and used towards items St. Andrew’s needs. Enrollment is up by 11 students. Envelopes for Support the Children at church. What about placing envelopes at St. Ben’s & St. Pat’s? Teacher’s Report: Deb Amici-Welcome Back Day, In Service Days at Catholic Central very beneficial, much accomplished, outstanding guest speaker on topic of Communicating Effectively. Week was topped off with a Cook-Out at John & Lynne Chovanec’s home. Welcome to new teacher Sandi Goebel who will be teaching Science to 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th grades and Language Arts to 7th grade. Ms. Karsten will be teaching math. Acquired new History, Math & Geography Books. School Year off to a Great Start! Finance Committee: No Report. Home & School Committee: Welcome Back Cook Out-Pot Luck 6:00PM 9.11.14. Athletics: No Report. Technology Committee: No Report. Buildings & Grounds: Walk Through of Church & School to determine priorities of repairs. Lines will be restriped in parking lot. New Business: Lauren: Marketing press releases in local papers about events accomplishments at St. Andrews. Assignment Of Subcommittee roles and responsibilities. School Committee Members responsible for reporting on the following committees: Finance Committee-Katie Duckworth Home & School-Hollie Lefel Athletics-Anne Foster Buildings & Grounds-Dave Malisow Technology Committee-Ed Clair Fundraising (Annual Fund)-Mike Heindselman Parish Council-Lauren Bandler Marketing-Strategic Development-Lauren Bandler-John Chovanec 5 minutes to report on activities of these committees. Who are the other members on these committees? Can the various committee members’ names be posted on website? Meeting Adjourned: 8:08PM. School committee will be working on marketing and branding St. Andrew Parish School.
COMMUNICATIONS (Shari L): Issues listed in new business
PARISH LIFE (Cevin): Feedback from Parish Picnic. Monthly Movie Nights to start in October. Dinners for Eight to start in November. Planning on showing “Heaven Is For Real”. Pending any objections, we’d like to do it on Oct 11 at 6:30 (after 5:00 Mass). We will make pizza from Genoa Pizza available for purchase, along with drinks. We will purchase a 3-month trial license from CVLI for $100 and work out plans for the next three months. An annual license is $310 based on our average weekly Mass attendance. We hope to cover some of the cost of the license through food sales and avoid charging admission. Cevin – Purchase license. Verify movie title is covered under CVLI license. Reserve cafeteria for Oct 11th. Coordinate for audio/video equipment. Draft survey for handing out that night by the next meeting.
BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS (Dan S): DATE OF MEETING: August 20, 2014 Members Present: Dan Seuser, Sean Mckean, Dave Malisow, Shelley Koch, Terri Kreuger Topics/Issues/Projects Discussed. Washing Windows Striping parking lot Air conditioning regarding 3rd floor, church and school Temperature problems in the rooms (too hot, too cold) Window for
meeting room door in the Rectory 1. Decisions Made Striping of parking lot $850, budget had $550 2. Follow-Up Work – Person(s) Responsible

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: LETTER TO PARISH & SURVEY: Shari penned a letter to the parish introducing herself as the new chair for Parish Council and addressed the Masses. A short survey regarding the gathering space will be formed by Father Angel, Shari Loback, Jim Stiles, and Carol Corbille, who has volunteered to help. GATHERING SPACE REPORT: Need Hispanic representation. Dan Guadian has been appointed by Father Angel. BY-LAWS PROGRESS: Shelley has retyped the old By-Laws and will be reviewed and revised by Dan Seuser and Paul Schmelzer before next meeting. REVISION OF MISSION STATEMENT OF PARISH: Ad-hoc committee is Shari Loback, Cevin Moses, Father Angel, and Connie Kilkenny. The goal is to make it shorter and possible for all parish members to repeat easily. Brainstorming and ideas will be presented at Parish Assembly. PHONE SYSTEM UPGRADE: There are many intricacies to the phone systems in all the building and how they relate to one another. Details that need to be sorted out and considered before deciding on a new system will be pursued by Shelley Koch by getting details from all parties involved. PARISH COUNCIL MEMBER SUMMARY & PICTURES: Almost everyone has submitted their bio and pictures. Summaries will be made available online and to parishioners in church.

NEW BUSINESS: PURPOSE OF PARISH COUNCIL: Shari handed out parish council handbooks to every member. Next meeting we will have a presentation from Mark Kemmeter, director for Office of Planning & Councils at the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, at our October Parish Council meeting. Members were asked to read through the material and come with questions. PARISH COMMUNICATIONS: Looking into improved communication possibilities, namely, Flocknote or OneCallNow. Major differences are that OneCallNow provides phone calls in their pricing with Father’s recorded message whereas FlockNote says the phone calls are an additional charge (11 cents per call) and it is read by probably a computer generated voice. Both offer texting subscriptions and email services that could streamline communications between staff, committees, and parishioners. We will test Flocknote since it is much cheaper and have a report back on how it is working with the first free month at next month’s meeting. Father Angel also asked the council to consider the possibility of a suggestion box PARISH ASSEMBLY: Has been rescheduled for October 18 from 9-12, with a luncheon from 12-1. Dreaming & Visioning will be planning the morning. FOCUS ON MORE COMMUNITY OUTREACH: We would like to create more outreach in the Delavan community but first have to fill the positions in the outreach we have. Where need is most prevalent is the homeless shelter during the winter months. The council has decided to ask Greg Kostechka to address the parish during Masses to tell them what it entails, as people may be reserved to volunteer since they don’t know what to expect. APPOINTMENT OF FINANCE COUNCIL MEMBER: Council will appoint a finance council member next month’s meeting once possible candidates can be approached about the opportunity. Possible candidates mentioned were Cathy Gengler, Laura Patterson, Darlene Sturtevant, Debra Cross, or any other interested parishioner with a finance background. ONE MORE PARISH COUNCIL MEMBER? Shari question whether the council should look for an additional council member so the council secretary did not also have the duty of going to meetings as a liaison. 9 council members are now the elected norm and the council agreed to keep it as is.
MEETING ADJOURNED: 8:55PM by Jim Stiles, 2nd by Tina Janssen

School Committee Meeting Minutes 09.11.13





SEPTEMBER 11, 2013



Members Present:        John Chovanec                           Jesse Wright

Cathy Gengler                            Shari Loback

Fr. Jim Schuerman                     Lauren Bandler

Dave Malisow                            Jeff Scherer

Ann Foster                                 Patti Soukup-Absent

Guests:                          Deb Amici

Beth Nateghi, Becki Brusa & Jen Martin (Home & School)

Sean McKean (Building & Grounds)

Tim Ruesch (AD – Athletic)

Darlene Sturtevant & Theresa Watts (Annual Fund)

Principal John Chovanec gave his Principal’s Report.  He reported that we are in need of estimates for installing the Smart Boards from St. Pat’s.  The goal is to have a Smart Board in each class room.  13 Ipads have been ordered with the Grant Money.  Apple TV’s.    The Family Welcome Back Picnic is scheduled for Thursday, September 12, 2013.  The school will be participating in the “Soles for Catholic Education” on November 2, 2013 at Mount Mary College.  This will replace the walk-a-thon held in previous years.  Principal John is the contact person for Soles for Catholic Education for our school.    Principal John suggested an alumni activity such as a Spring Co-ed Volleyball Tournament or Bowl-a-thon, and an alumni list is needed to contact all alumni.  St. Andrew’s gained 8 students from St. Pat’s.  A Back to School Parent Night is scheduled for Wednesday, September 25, 2013 from 6:30 to 7:30 pm.

Deb Amici then gave the Teacher’s Report.  She indicated that this year was the best in-service meeting in years, as well as the best faculty meeting.   There will be a new Spanish program, and she noted that the students are happy and excited to be in school.  Principal John sent out a survey to the teachers.  Deb Amici said she would like to focus on building the curriculum in the 7th and 8th grades to make it more current.  She also talked about St. Andrew’s covenant and classroom rules.

St. Nick’s Breakfast – Jen Martin

Cathy Gengler gave the Finance report.  The school is down 5 people from what was budgeted for the school year. Our tuition revenue is short of budget by $22,000.00.  We had budgeted for 9 St. Pat’s students to attend but only 8 are enrolled which created a budget shortfall of $5,787.00.  The St. Ben’s contribution is short of budget by $7,140.00 due to 2 of their students transferring to a Lake Geneva School as their mom received a teaching position in Lake Geneva.  Also, families with 3 children have decided this year to become full-time parishioners of St. Andrew’s.  The decrease in student head count is also attributed to families moving out of the area.

Darlene Sturtevant and Theresa Watts gave a report on the Annual Fund.  The prior year’s donor list needs to be updated.  It was suggested that there be one central list for fundraising.  Other fundraising ideas mentioned were wreath sales and cook dough sales.

Becki Brusa of the Home & School Committee reported on the upcoming Welcome Back to School picnic and suggested additional events for parents and students.  What is the role of the Home & School Committee?

Athletic Director Tim Ruesch advised that 18 girls are on the volleyball team.  He would like to get the scoreboard from St. Pat’s and is talking to Ray Henderson.  Tim reported that basketball will start on November 1, 2013.

Sean McKean of the Building & Grounds Committee reported that the new hot water heater has been installed.  We have secured the Smart Boards from St. Pat’s, and we are checking into books for the classrooms.  We have received an estimate for the parking lot resurfacing of $180,000.00 including repainting the lines.  The boiler is paid for at an approximate cost of $60,000.00.  The school bell system is not working for the older grades.  Principal John is looking into the installation of the Smart Boards.

Susan O’Grady of the Technology Committee reported that 4 modems have been installed.  13 I pads have been ordered.  New computers are needed for the computer lab.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.


September 2013 Parish Newsletter

2013 September Parish Newsletter

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