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School Committee Minutes 3.6.14





MARCH 6, 2014 – 7:00 P.M.





Members Present:        John Chovanec                           Lauren Bandler

Dr. Jeff Scherer                          Jesse Wright

Anne Foster                               Shari Loback

Cathy Gengler                            Dave Malisow

Members Absent:         Fr. Jim Schuerman

Fr. Angel Anaya



The minutes of the February 5, 2014 meeting were approved.


Pastor’s Report:   None


Principal’s Report:  The Family Note will be sent electronically on Fridays, and a paper copy will be sent out upon request.   The budget is completed. (See budget worksheet) 140 students have been budgeted.  John will follow up on a school choice meeting.  A question was brought up about what ties does St. Andrew’s have if state money is taken?


Teacher’s Report:   None


Home & School Committee:  Offering Envelopes for the children are ready for printing. Committee is paying for the envelopes.    Also discussed: Eric Szatkowski’s Dangers of the Internet Presentation; middle school drive and kindergarten information night.  Kindergarten screening will be March 26, 2014.  “Move Up Day” for kindergarten families will be June 6, 2014.


Technology Committee:  Grant for server.   Internet services in school are different on different floors.  Dave Malisow will check on that.


Athletics:   No report


Building & Grounds:   No report


Finance:  Closed Session discussion-Budget Approved by School Committee.


Old Business:  Addition of St. Pat’s member to School Committee


Brainstorm Session:  Lauren Bandler – Committee organization, i.e., finance, fundraising, communication, building & grounds, scholastic, athletics, parent-teacher group.


Review of By-Laws from 1992.  Members should bring ideas for changes to By-Laws to next meeting.


Closed Session:  Approval of budget


Next meeting will be April 16, 2014


Meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.




School Committee Meeting Minutes 09.11.13





SEPTEMBER 11, 2013



Members Present:        John Chovanec                           Jesse Wright

Cathy Gengler                            Shari Loback

Fr. Jim Schuerman                     Lauren Bandler

Dave Malisow                            Jeff Scherer

Ann Foster                                 Patti Soukup-Absent

Guests:                          Deb Amici

Beth Nateghi, Becki Brusa & Jen Martin (Home & School)

Sean McKean (Building & Grounds)

Tim Ruesch (AD – Athletic)

Darlene Sturtevant & Theresa Watts (Annual Fund)

Principal John Chovanec gave his Principal’s Report.  He reported that we are in need of estimates for installing the Smart Boards from St. Pat’s.  The goal is to have a Smart Board in each class room.  13 Ipads have been ordered with the Grant Money.  Apple TV’s.    The Family Welcome Back Picnic is scheduled for Thursday, September 12, 2013.  The school will be participating in the “Soles for Catholic Education” on November 2, 2013 at Mount Mary College.  This will replace the walk-a-thon held in previous years.  Principal John is the contact person for Soles for Catholic Education for our school.    Principal John suggested an alumni activity such as a Spring Co-ed Volleyball Tournament or Bowl-a-thon, and an alumni list is needed to contact all alumni.  St. Andrew’s gained 8 students from St. Pat’s.  A Back to School Parent Night is scheduled for Wednesday, September 25, 2013 from 6:30 to 7:30 pm.

Deb Amici then gave the Teacher’s Report.  She indicated that this year was the best in-service meeting in years, as well as the best faculty meeting.   There will be a new Spanish program, and she noted that the students are happy and excited to be in school.  Principal John sent out a survey to the teachers.  Deb Amici said she would like to focus on building the curriculum in the 7th and 8th grades to make it more current.  She also talked about St. Andrew’s covenant and classroom rules.

St. Nick’s Breakfast – Jen Martin

Cathy Gengler gave the Finance report.  The school is down 5 people from what was budgeted for the school year. Our tuition revenue is short of budget by $22,000.00.  We had budgeted for 9 St. Pat’s students to attend but only 8 are enrolled which created a budget shortfall of $5,787.00.  The St. Ben’s contribution is short of budget by $7,140.00 due to 2 of their students transferring to a Lake Geneva School as their mom received a teaching position in Lake Geneva.  Also, families with 3 children have decided this year to become full-time parishioners of St. Andrew’s.  The decrease in student head count is also attributed to families moving out of the area.

Darlene Sturtevant and Theresa Watts gave a report on the Annual Fund.  The prior year’s donor list needs to be updated.  It was suggested that there be one central list for fundraising.  Other fundraising ideas mentioned were wreath sales and cook dough sales.

Becki Brusa of the Home & School Committee reported on the upcoming Welcome Back to School picnic and suggested additional events for parents and students.  What is the role of the Home & School Committee?

Athletic Director Tim Ruesch advised that 18 girls are on the volleyball team.  He would like to get the scoreboard from St. Pat’s and is talking to Ray Henderson.  Tim reported that basketball will start on November 1, 2013.

Sean McKean of the Building & Grounds Committee reported that the new hot water heater has been installed.  We have secured the Smart Boards from St. Pat’s, and we are checking into books for the classrooms.  We have received an estimate for the parking lot resurfacing of $180,000.00 including repainting the lines.  The boiler is paid for at an approximate cost of $60,000.00.  The school bell system is not working for the older grades.  Principal John is looking into the installation of the Smart Boards.

Susan O’Grady of the Technology Committee reported that 4 modems have been installed.  13 I pads have been ordered.  New computers are needed for the computer lab.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

June 2013 School Committee Minutes



JUNE 5, 2013 – 6:00 p.m.




Members Present:        Jesse Wright                               Jeff Scherer

                                       Dave Malisow                            Julie Kadrich

                                       Shari Loback                              Fr. Jim Schuerman

                                       Cathy Gengler                            Lauren Bandler

                                       Ann Foster


Members Absent:         Patti Soukup           



The meeting was called to order and the minutes of the May 1, 2013 School Committee meeting were unanimous approved.


Discussion of Tuition/Employee Policy – approval?


The Pastor’s Report was then given by Fr. Jim.   Fr. Jim thanked Julie Kadrich for her service as Principal of St. Andrew’s.  Julie will be leaving on July 1, 2013 for her new position in Chicago.


Fr. Jim stated that he will continue as Pastor of St. Andrew’s and St. Francis de Sales in Lake Geneva.  Fr. Jim will be switching his living arrangements and moving into the rectory at St. Francis on June 12, 2013.   Fr. Anaya will be living at the St. Andrew’s Rectory and will share duties with Fr. Jim.  There will not be an associate at St. Francis.


Janel Karsten submitted the Teacher’s Report.  Our music teacher, Georgia Ramthun, will be leaving and she made her announcement to her students.  Our interim gym teacher, Ryan Fritz, will be offered the gym teacher position. We will share Mr. Fritz with St. Francis. He will work 50% for St. Andrews and 50% for St. Francis.



Under Old Business, the Committee will go into a closed session regarding the principal search.  Thereafter, new school committee member, Ann Foster, was introduced and welcomed.  Ann has a 4th grader and 7th grader attending St. Andrew’s, and is a teacher with the Lake Geneva public schools.  It was noted that the St. Nick’s Breakfast is in need of a chairperson. 


Under New Business, the Committee will go into a closed session regarding finance matters.


Becki Brusa submitted a report to Julie Kadrich on Home and School and advised that a social for incoming St. Pat’s students and St. Andrew’s mentors has been set up for June 24, 2013. A Fall family barbecue was discussed.  All families’ transition.   The Committee was advised that Tim Ruesch will continue in his role as athletic director.


Sean McKean submitted a report to Julie Kadrich on the Buildings & Grounds and advised the Committee that all locks for the school have been re-keyed.   A window between the church and school has been fixed and the boiler issue was also discussed.  Parishioners have been asked to consider donating for the boiler.   It was suggested that a “progress board” be erected to show updates on the boiler fund.   


It was noted that the Tour de Tech will be held on June 22, 2013 with a 50/50 raffle and bike t-shirts.


Susan O’Grady of the Tech Committee submitted a report advising of a $5,000.00 grant from Pentair.   Five (5) wireless routers will be installed in June.  The remainder of the funds will be used for Ipad Carts and smart projectors.   A color printer was donated by Tom at Cartridge World. 


The Committee was advised that Ryan Fritz, our interim gym teacher, will be offered the part-time gym teacher position this coming year.  He will also be the part time gym teacher for St. Francis.    Brian Wrightson will be the new music teacher and will also be the Director of Liturgical Music, a shared position with St. Pat’s.   We will be posting a position for a Spanish teacher.


There will be meetings of the School Committee throughout the summer months given the issues at hand regarding the Principal and accreditation issues.  


It was suggested that a “School Recruiting Booth” be set up at the Festival where information and questions could be answered about St. Andrew’s.    Shari Loback will be coordinating a float for the 4th of July parade on which it will be stated that more information about St. Andrew’s Parish School will be available at the Festival. 


The Committee members reviewed the survey results and Lauren Bandler will email out an interpretation of the data. 


The principal search is down to two (2) candidates, John and William.  It has been more than 30 years since St. Andrew’s has had a male figure as principal.  John resigned his position as he had concerns over teaching positions.  He has extensive reference.   A possible decision could be made this week and a possible introduction at Mass.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:33 p.m.

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