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Dear St. Andrew Parishioners

August 19, 2014

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My name is Shari Loback and in June I was elected the new chair of Parish Council. I just wanted to take a moment to briefly introduce myself and the vision I have for our parish moving forward.

I will be married to my husband James for 15 years this coming October. We have four children: Luke (11), Cole (9), Faith (7) and Nate (6). I have been a full-time mommy since my son Luke was born as well as helping my husband run his contracting business. I’m a cradle Catholic, but after watching the Journey Home on EWTN, I would call myself a re-vert since like many people, I didn’t appreciate the importance of my faith until after my children were born. I wasn’t sure at that point whether I wanted to still be Catholic or something else, but after months of studying, researching, and praying, I realized there was no place I would rather be than the church Jesus Himself founded, with His Real True Presence in the Eucharist at every Mass.

So my vision for the future of our parish is simple. Jesus is here with us. We need to be excited about that. Then we need to go out, collectively as a parish, and do what He asked of us among our neighbors, near and far.

We have a wonderful parish and school, made up of hard working volunteers and staff that give their energy, resources, and time to make good things happen here. We also have been blessed with a warm, loving Priest who will help direct us along the way. Our Parish Life committee is off the ground, helping us connect as a parish (thank you for a great picnic this past Sunday). Now is the time to move our parish community into that next chapter, where our neighbors know this the place where you come for acceptance, love, support, and most importantly, Him.

There are a few things in the short-term to look for while we move forward:  1) We’ve added a spot for parish council information on the back bulletin board by the side door, where we will post meeting agenda and minutes each month, as well as any other pertinent information regarding parish council (this information can also be found on our website). 2) Please feel free to attend any parish council meeting in the rectory basement at 7:00 every 3rd Tuesday of the month. We always have a “voice of the people” open slot for parishioners. 3) I will be sending out pictures and short bios of the people currently on parish council and their respective assignments so when you see them in church, you will know who they are! 4) We will be doing a few short surveys here and there to get feedback from you on certain things we may be working on. Your involvement in this will be greatly appreciated. 5) I will also keep you updated periodically with letters such as this on our progress since I know meeting minutes are a little dry to read. 6) Lastly, if you would like to contact me with suggestions or concerns, please do so. I’m best at email, since I can return a message when the kids are sleeping! But you can also call me if need be. My information is listed below.

Thank you and God bless you and our parish,

Shari Loback


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