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Parish Council Minutes 2.18.14

                                     ST. ANDREW PARISH COUNCIL MEETING




CALL TO ORDER: Fr. Jim called the meeting to order at 7:33 P.M.

PRESENT: Fr. Jim, Shari Loback, Tina Jansen, Enrique Rodriguez, Patti Soukup, Lauren Bandler, Patty Wright and Jim Stiles.


ABSENT: Fr. Angel, Tom Bertrand

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes from the January Parish Council meeting approved via E-Mail to the Council.

PASTORS REPORT: Fr. Jim stated that he would address items on the agenda



ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES AND FINANCE:  Tina reported that the committee did not meet.

HUMAN CONCERNS: Fr. Jim stated that human concerns meets tomorrow, and it is St. Andrews turn to host the homeless shelter next week and that volunteers are needed.

PRAYER AND WORSHIP: Nothing to report

COMMUNICATIONS: Shari noted that she will be handing over the parish calendar to Virginia the parish secretary.

Christian Formation: Fr. Jim reported that Patty Wright will be council liaison for Christian Formation.

SCHOOL COMMITTEE: Shari reported that there are 148 students enrolled at this time and that there are 8 new kindergarten families interested for next year. She added that the Town Hall meeting will be held on March 19th at 6:30 with a presentation on the dangers of the internet for 4th thru 8th grade students.

HISPANIC LEADERS COMMITTEE: Enrique noted that Fr. Angel talked about a bilingual mass the last Sunday of the month geared toward the youth. He stated that he had applications for the men’s Emmaus retreat.

BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS: Tim O’Neil representative from buildings and grounds stated that the city fire inspector did an inspection of the church basement (food pantry); he determined that the fixtures are a fire hazard and need to be replaced. He also indicated that the outlets for the freezers should also be replaced. Tim spoke with Watt’s Electric to get an estimate for the cost of these items which came in around  $1500. and $1800. He added that the food pantry is willing to pay half of the cost of these repairs.  Tim requested that this item be taken to the next finance meeting for approval.


NEXT STEPS IN FORMATION OF PARISH LIFE TEAM: Fr. Jim asked for suggestions for members of this team.

SYNOD PREPARATION: Fr. Jim stated that there is a need for representatives for the March 1, 2014 meeting to be held at St. Francis De Sales in Lake Geneva.  The following will be attending, Lauren Bandler, Fr. Jim. Fr. Angel and Jim Stiles.

COMMITTEE TO DISCUSS GATHERING SPACE: Father Jim reported that at this time the committee consists of Neil Flood, Lauren Bandler, Jim Stiles and Father Jim.


NEW COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES: Father Jim stated that the council is still in need of 3 members to replace those that have been vacated. He noted that the following committees have no council liaison, bldgs. & grounds, prayer & worship, and human concerns. Patti Soukup volunteered to be liaison for the human services committee. Father asked for nominations for council president. Father Jim moved that this item be tabled to the call of the chair at the next meeting.

OTHER: Father Jim stated that Ash Wednesday will be March 5th with Mass to be said at 7:30 & 8:30am, 5:00 & 7:00pm and distribution of ashes will be at 12:15 pm.

ADJOURNED:  A motion to adjourn by Jim Stiles, seconded by Lauren Bandler at 8:30 P. M.




School Committee Minutes 2.5.14



 February 5, 2014 – 7:00 P.M.


 Members Present:

John Chovanec                           Jesse Wright

Fr. Jim Schuerman                     Shari Loback

Dr. Jeff Scherer                          Dave Malisow

Members Absent:        

Fr. Angel Anaya

Cathy Gengler

Anne Foster

Lauren Bandler

The minutes of the January 8, 2014 meeting were approved.

There was no Pastor’s Report.

See handout for Principal's Report 2.5.14Principal’s Report.  IPads have arrived.  Teachers are excited.  Apps for whiteboards need to be adjusted.

The family intent form was sent out in the Family Envelope.  So far, 35 have been returned committing for next year.  At the Open House, there were 8 prospective kindergarten families in attendance.  A letter is going out to prospective age 4 preschooler families.  Beth Nateghi inquired if a brochure should be included.

A Dangers of Internet seminar is being sponsored by the Home & School Committee.

The Hermann family left to go to St. Frances DeSales

Reminder:  School Choice Policy

Teachers Report:   Michelle Raykovich will be having surgery and will be out for a minimum of 6 weeks.  Diane Meyer will be the substitute teacher.

Finance Report:  Cathy Gengler reported that we are down to 148 families.  Inquiry was made if anybody was heading up the bowling fundraiser.

Home & School Committee: $13,000.00 raised by St. Nicks Breakfast. Chairperson needed for Gift Shop. Ideas for Fund Raisers: Atomic Clocks Fund, Easter Lights of Love etc.

Technology Committee:

IPads, screen protectors and covers have been paid for.  The school server is overloaded.  Quotes for a new server are being considered.  (Ideas) Technology teaching for teachers.  The Tour de Tech will be held May 17, 2014.  Even if you don’t ride, stop at stations show your support.  The technology budget is at $0.

Building & Grounds-Preparing for Budget.

Athletics:  Spartan Spectacular ended on time even with weather delay.  It was a great success.

Old Business:  Invitation for a St. Patrick’s member to join the School Committee.

A discussion was had regarding how we are organized; i.e. Home & School – what are their responsibilities?   Discussion of Governance, how the various committee’s fit in the organization.

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