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St. Andrew Parish Center: Your Input Requested

Fall  2013St  A's Parish Center Pix

Dear Parish Family,

When the Parish census and survey was taken last year, one of the major items mentioned over and over by our parishioners , was the need for a completely accessible, near-to-the-church, ST. ANDREW PARISH CENTER.

Thanks to the blessings of some wonderful bequests, approximately half of the cost of a center has been set aside to proceed with this dream!

There is a picture of one idea which makes use of the old garage that is between the school and the church. The plan would include a 16ft. enlargement of the building so that we could include the following:

  • Space for meetings for groups of 2-85
    • A complete kitchen
    • A smaller room which could serve as a “bride’s room” or small conference room
    • Accessible bathrooms
    • Storage for use by parish committees
    • Patio space for outdoor functions
      • Large TV’s to broadcast Mass, school programs, etc. allowing for accessibility and inclusion when spaces are filled such as Easter Sunday and Christmas Eve masses.

We have an estimated cost of $330,000 for the renovation  of this space.  Again, approximately $165,000 of the Nelson bequest has been set aside for our Parish Center.


How do we make this dream a reality?


First step is to Gather Ideas! We would love the input of everyone in the Parish. We will be having two sessions to discuss this project and gather ideas. The two sessions will be:



Both sessions will be held in the cafeteria of the school. You only need to attend one or the other as they will both be brainstorming idea sessions.

Second step will be to present our plan to the Archdiocese for approval. Then, we will begin raising the remaining funds needed to make this dream a reality.

We look forward to building the St. Andrew Parish Center together.

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