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Visioning & Dreaming Minutes 2.11.14

Mark 7:5-8

Why would a youth, or any adult for that matter, want to build a bridge between their hearts and God?  One way to answer that question is by addressing the “What’s in it for me?” which is so very obvious and central in our culture.  But I suspect that unless we help people change their perception of God, no bridge building to him will take place.

Who is this God whom we worship?  How is our/my life connected with this God?  Am I existing independently from him?  Do we feel compelled to make our moral choices based on his instructions?  Why does he seem so distant when I am in pain and difficulties?  Why is God so out of touch with today’s culture?  Each question presents an opportunity to help our students deepen their appreciation of who this God really is.  The difficulty exists in that most of our answers are countercultural and in conflict with the lies that the world is espousing.  That makes it all the more necessary, that first of all we, the teachers, live Christ centered lives.  Our being needs to radiate the joy of knowing God.  It requires that our love for God and others is sacrificial.  We need to help our audiences develop a holistic image of God, so that they can answer Jesus’ question; “but who do you say that I am?”  To know God is to love God.


Lord, we pray for your help in telling people about you and your love for them, so that they can love you in return.                                                                                                                                             Amen


Notes for the February 11, 2014 Dreaming/Visioning session

In Attendance:

Pastor and/or Associate Pastor: Father Jim

Parish Counselors: Shari Loback

Parish School:

Christian Formation: Deacon Phil, Patty, AL

Parish Life:

At Large: Theresa


The meeting began with Mass in church and prayer in the upper room.  Scripture was from the Gospel of the day.  The dialogue question dealt with the ways we use to help our students build bridges between their hearts and God.


Agenda Topics:

Men of Christ conference March 15, 2014.  Discussed various means for publication.  Shari did put it on the parish website.  Theresa will print a flyer and have it inserted in Bulletin.  Al will write a bulletin announcement to be run for the next three Weekends.  Al will also ask Father Angel to invite the men to attend during weekend Masses.  The conference will also be part of the 2014 Lenten action listing.


Do we want to have the Hispanic Community sponsor a Harvest Fest Pot Luck this year?

There was no representative from the Hispanic community present.  Al will take the idea to have the Hispanic community to sponsor a Harvest Festival at St Andrew this October.  Then next year the Caucasian faction of the parish would be hosting.  Theresa and Polly are willing to share what they have learned from putting on the previous festivals.


Budget for 2014/15

We want to keep all of the transportation monies in the budget.  We need to budget for printing costs.  On top of our budgeting wish list is a mission headlined by a popular speaker.


Your Dreams and your Vision for 2014

Continue the prison ministry.  Do the Prayer Tree project.  It was recommended that we focus our future efforts in one area.  It was agreed, that to make a focused effort work, the current, every-other-month meeting format will not work.  The suggestion was made that a subcommittee would need to be created to carry out the focused action.  Theresa will put together a Lenten to do list for St Andrew.


Others:  Blood Drive

Giovanna Moses wants to hold a community Blood Drive.  The plans now are for an off-site location in June 2014.  Perhaps the Delavan Woman’s Service Club, who takes care of the four annual blood drives at the Our Redeemer Church, could be asked to help run the drive



New Year’s resolution:  Sign a covenant to spend one hour each week at Eucharistic Adoration.  Focus to include our Hispanic community.

Theresa and Al dried to salvage the unsuccessful Holy Resolution effort with no luck.



Patty will present one of Christopher Stefanick’s DVDs at the February meeting.   One session of Father Baron’s new evangelization will be presented every Thursday during Lent.


Letter writing to people in prison

Discussed earlier.  Collecting and donating Bibles and rosaries for the prison ministry was mentioned as an addition to the letter writing.


Frank Runion  Al – parish

Due to communication difficulties this did not happen.


Christopher Stefanick Patty school PTA? Others? (see DWTD above)


Grocery bag – food donation as a service project for the school & CF classes.


Recruitment of members for this committee?


Tabled subjects

Prayer tree to be reconsidered in fall of 2014

Person to research and publish scheduled retreats on our website and in the bulletin

Birthday calls


Prayer, Blessing, Song: 816 Where Charity and Love Prevail


Next Meeting April 8, 2014

Dreaming & Visioning Committee Minutes: June 11, 2013

Matt 10:7-13

The apostles and disciples Jesus chose were ordinary people with the mission to spread his Good News in all the world.  Jesus knew well how egos, power, clothing, possessions, could and would influence their actions.  So Jesus ordered them to strip themselves of everything except the bare essentials.  They left behind the trappings and the security of their former lives and, in the name of Jesus, went out into the world.  Devoid of all selfishness, the work of the disciples and apostles surrounded the Cornerstone and completed the sound foundation for Christianity.

Through the New Testament and documented history, we know of the lives of men and women who also were able to obediently follow the instructions of Jesus, became saints, and established God’s earthly Kingdom.  We also know of countless men and women who were not able to deny themselves to leave their biases and trappings behind, as they pretended to live, speak and act on behalf of Jesus and religion.  The results were disastrous in the individuals’ lives, the communities,’ and the church’s.

How do we know today how closely we are following the instructions of Jesus?  There is only one metric – it is our heart.  Through our intellect we know that the use of our time, talent, and treasure provides an outwardly, observable behavior pattern.  Through our heart we know the genuineness of our Love for God and our neighbors.  So let us be grateful to God for setting our hearts on the higher gift.  Let us thank God for our dying to the self and for our new life in Jesus Christ, his Son and our Lord, who came to serve and who asks the same of us.

Notes for the June 11, 2013 Dreaming/Visioning session

In Attendance:

Pastor and/or Associate Pastor: Jim

Parish Counselors: Theresa, Tom

Parish School:

Christian Formation: Deacon Phil, Al

Parish Life: Cevin

At Large: Brook

The meeting began with Mass in church and prayer in the upper room.  Scripture was from the Gospel of the day.  The dialogue question dealt with how the trappings of our lives interfere with our mission.

The topical discussion began with Father Jim sharing with us the names of the new principal and the Pastoral musician (John and Brian).  Leslie will be the Administrator of the Hispanic program with the volunteers running the Sunday am sessions.  The Trustee and PC positions are also filled.

Cevin has begun to work on getting people to join the Parish Life committee.  Getting new members for D/V will be a secondary priority.

With the new principal on board, perhaps we can reconsider our preliminary decision on not having the prayer tree this year.

Letter writing to people in prison; Deacon Phil reported his findings.  The prison’s policy allows unsealed letters to be received by the inmates.  The letters would be matched to the inmates by a pastoral person.  Care must be used to keep the source of the letters untraceable.  The suggestion was made that we would consider writing a few times each year, particularly around the holidays.

Pallium Lecture will kick off the DWTD series.  Recommendation was made to have periodic reminders in the bulleting for people to get it on their calendars.  Al to ask Patty to make that happen.

Thank you to Mass servers – the graduates, who were Mass servers, got a certificate of recognition with their graduating diploma.  The suggestion was made to perhaps have a tri-parish picnic for all of the servers once a year to honor them and to thank them.

Birthday call to parishioners – no progress.  Father Jim shared that he gets a call from the Archbishop on his birthday.

With a new principal on board, Patty can pursue the idea of presenting one (or more) of Chris Stephanic’s videos to the school parent association.

Ditto for the food pantry – grocery bag idea

Theresa has a supposedly viable list of newcomers.  She will update the ministry booklet and have it produced for the parish.  The parish will send a welcoming newcomer’s packet to the people on her list.  Invitations to the parish festival and the Harvest dinner will be included.  Theresa was to check with Patty and come up with a date for the later.

Tom handed out information about a diet based on Scriptural principles.  If there is enough interest and people to help Tom, he would be interested in presenting this 14 week series.

The July 16 PC meeting will be with St Pats with the opportunity to start collaborating with that parish.

Wayne and Judy Rolfs have offered to present a program to St Andrew.  D/V OK’d their request.  Al to relay that message to Wayne.

Late in the meeting we talked about a farewell for Father and a welcoming for Father Angel on the last Sunday in June.  Coffee and doughnuts in the cafeteria after the 9:30 Mass.

Next Meeting August 13, 2013

Meeting closed with the prayer for parish Life, a song and a blessing.

May our love for our triune God be a never ending source of energy and desire to bring the Good News to our community.

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