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40 Years = 40 Bags

My name is Giovanna Zambito Moses and I’m turning 40 on June 4, 2014.  Rather than having a typical party with family and friends, I’ve decided to host a blood drive. I want to try to gather 40 bags of blood for my 40th birthday, with the help of the Blood Center of Wisconsin and Community Bank CBD. I will need to sign up at least 54 donors. Why blood? It’s the gift that keeps on giving and I’d like to give a little something back to my amazing community, family and friends for supporting our family during my daughter’s diagnosis and treatment for leukemia.

I attended Marquette University along with my would-be husband Cevin Moses and my first job out of school was as a medical technologist with the Blood Center of Wisconsin. I worked in their satellite lab in Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin cross-matching blood products for kids in need of transfusions. Since that time, I went on to study optometry and returned to Delavan to work at Morrison Eye Clinic as an optometrist, but I never forgot where it all started. There is a lot of job satisfaction, knowing you’re helping children get the blood products they need to stay alive, be it after an accident, during surgery, because of premature birth or disease, such as cancer. It’s that last one that really hits home, now.

Our daughter, Katherine Mary Grace, was born in the fall of 2011. She was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and had been a healthy baby, until her cancer diagnosis in the summer of 2013. Katherine simply had some unusual bruising at diagnosis. I knew something wasn’t right, and I also knew that individuals with Down Syndrome are more likely to get blood cancers. We took Katherine to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin for evaluation, and although hospitals can be scary for some, to me, it felt like home. Katherine was diagnosed in August 2013 with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) and was then kept in-patient for the initial month of chemotherapy. During her treatment for ALL thus far, Katherine has used two bags of platelets and two bags of packed red blood cells. She’ll likely need more blood throughout her two year treatment course.

My family and I can’t ever personally thank the donors who gave blood to Katherine while her need was critical, as blood donation is anonymous. The blood collected by the Blood Center of Wisconsin stays within the local community, however, and this birthday blood drive is one way we can give back to our community who has supported us so well throughout Katherine’s treatment. Giving blood is truly giving the gift of life and having my friends and family help me do that on a big scale would be better than anything that comes in wrapping paper and a bow. Please consider joining me and help me collect 40 bags of blood for my 40th birthday.

Please plan to donate blood at the Community Centre adjacent to Community Bank CBD, June 4, 2014, any time from 2 to 7 pm. New blood donors welcome. Experienced blood donors, please put this date on your calendars. People with Type O blood are the universal donors and their donations are often in highest demand. Thank you and hope to see you this summer.

Prayers for Moses Part 2

Katherine and her family are back to chemotherapy and along with it, all of its nasty side effects. Remember Katherine’s story? She is a part of our school and parish family. She is the baby we’ve been asking you to donate blood for, in honor of her struggle.

We know you probably have not stopped praying for this little girl, her parents, and her siblings, but this is just a reminder, prayers are welcome here!

A Pope’s Birthday & A Daughter’s Re-Birthday

Today is Pope Francis’ 77th birthday. Today is also my daughter’s re-birth day, or anniversary of her baptism. She will celebrate her 7th re-birthday. (I just realized all the sevens in this shared birthday of theirs, which is such a significant number in the Bible, but that is for another blog post).

Pope Francis talks with three men Dec. 17 who live on the streets near the Vatican. As part of a low-key celebration of his 77th birthday, the pope celebrated morning Mass and had breakfast with the men.

Pope Francis talks with three men Dec. 17 who live on the streets near the Vatican. As part of a low-key celebration of his 77th birthday, the pope celebrated morning Mass and had breakfast with the men.

Pope Francis is the reason I know my daughter’s re-birthday date. Back in September, he gave us all a “homework assignment” to find our baptism dates and celebrate our birth into the church every year, just as we would celebrate our birth into this world. During this talk, he referred to the church as our “mamma” and went on to explain Her importance:

One doesn’t belong to the church as to a company, a party or any other organization. The link is vital, like that one has with one’s own mom, because the church is really the mother of Christians.

A good mom helps her children come out of themselves, and not stay comfortably under the maternal wings, like a brood of chicks stays under the wings of the hen. The church, like a good mother, does the same thing: accompanies our growth, transmitting the word of God, which is a light that shows us the path of the Christian life; administering the sacraments.

Sometimes I hear, ‘I believe in God but not in the church’. But the church is not only priests: we are all the church. And if you say you believe in God and don’t believe in the church, you are saying you don’t believe in yourself, and this is a contradiction.

Now this had been something I had been meaning to do for years–of course, it always got pushed down on the priority list. But when Pope Francis asked me to do it; I finally looked them all up and put them on my Google calendar. Hopefully after a few years of doing this, I won’t have to look at the calendar to know the dates, and neither will my children. They will know when they became part of the church and realize how it is just as significant–if not more–as their birth into this world.

So how are we going to celebrate our re-birthdays? First, I’m going to bring out her baptism candle, gown and certificate and remind her what happened on that day. Then we will say this prayer:

Remember this, Faith.
You have been washed
In the saving waters of baptism
And anointed with holy oil.
Place on your head and in your heart
The sign of the cross of salvation.

Loving God,
You created all the people of the world,
And you know each of us by name.
We thank you for Faith,
Who celebrates the anniversary of her baptism.
Bless her with your love and friendship
That she may grow in wisdom, knowledge, and grace.
May she love her family always
And be ever faithful to her friends.

Grant this through Christ our Lord.
R. Amen

(Place hands on head or shoulders of one being blessed)

May God, in whose presence our ancestors walked, bless you.
R. Amen.
May God, who has been your shepherd from birth until now, keep you.
R. Amen.
May God, who saves you from all harm, give you peace.
R. Amen.

Then I will let her pick her favorite dessert because, what would be a celebration without sugar? Thank  you Pope Francis for the important reminder and Happy Birthday!

Faith Lilliah was baptized December 17, 2006 at St. Patrick Catholic Church, Whitewater.

Faith Lilliah was baptized December 17, 2006 at St. Patrick Catholic Church, Whitewater.

The Pope’s Homework Assignment

Pope Francis Celebrates His Birthday with Homeless

Ideas for Celebrating Your Baptism Anniversary

Generous Parishioner Will Match up to $10,000 if Raised by December 31

A generous anonymous parishioner has offered to donate up to $10,000 in a “Matching Fund Drive” towards the cost of the school boiler, with any leftover monies to go toward the new parish project, the creation of a parish community center. Whatever you contribute towards the fund will be matched by this donor. You can donate online(please type “MATCHING FUND DRIVE” in the instructions to seller field) or put a check with the instructions “Matching Fund Drive” into the basket at church.

This is a great opportunity for the parish, just think whatever you donate it is as though it is doubled!

We humbly thank our anonymous donor and all those who have gotten us to $3,607 so far. December 31 is the cut-off date.


Tornado Devastation Help: Please Bring Donations to St. Andrew School before Friday Nov. 22

Tornado Relief

As you may know, the city of Washington, IL (just outside of Peoria) was hit by a devastating tornado this past Sunday morning.  Thousands of people lost everything they own in a matter of minutes.

In my role as Retail Account Representative for Cargill Inc, I work with several large Ag Retailers across Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa.  One of the stores that I work with is located in Washington, IL.  Although we have not yet received word on any damage to the store itself, we do know that several of the store’s employees and families have been affected.

On Friday, November 22nd, my co-worker & I will be heading to Washington, IL to deliver donation items to those families in need.  I humbly and prayerfully ask you to support me in this effort.  If you have ANY items that can be donated, please consider doing so.  A list of suggested items is below.  All donations can be dropped off at St. Andrew’s School (during normal school hours) and put on the stage in the gym.  Please mark your donation “Tornado Relief”.  I will be collecting all the donated items on Thursday evening (November 21st) so they can be delivered to those in need on Friday.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Best regards,

Hollie Lefel

Suggested Items to Donate:

Clothing / Jackets / Shoes

Non-perishable food items

Diapers / Wipes / Baby Formula


General Household Items (toilet paper, paper towel, garbage bags, soap)

Toys or Stuffed Animals – something to put a smile on a child’s face

Pet Food / Supplies

Anything that someone with nothing could use

If you would drop it off at Goodwill, consider dropping it off at St. Andrew School instead.

“For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you gave me clothing, I was sick and you took care of me, I was in prison and you visited me.”  Matthew 25: 35-36

Blog Author’s Note:

Other items needed (will update as needed):


Feminine Hygiene Products

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