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To the Parents of Small Children at Mass

Today I had an adorable and wiggly toddler in front of me at Mass. My whole family enjoyed watching him. But I also noticed the anxious look on his mom’s face about whether he was being disruptive. It wasn’t long ago when I was that mom. I mean, I still worry about my kids misbehaving in church, but now they are old enough to understand and deal with consequences if they do act unruly. Toddlers are harder and I had a difficult time when they were that age deciding whether to take them to church or not, and if I did, how to keep them from bothering everyone around us. So obviously, I felt for this mother because it always seems your child is the loudest, when it really doesn’t appear that way to the rest of people around you at all. Then I remembered this little ditty a parish printed for their parishioners and think it is close to perfect: TO THE PARENTS OF OUR YOUNG CHILDREN, MAY WE SUGGEST… Relax! God put the wiggle in children; don’t feel you have to suppress it in God’s house. All are welcome! Sit toward the front where it is easier for your little ones to see and hear what’s going on at the altar. They tire of seeing the backs of other’s heads. Quietly explain the parts of the Mass and actions of the priest, altar servers, choir etc. Sing the hymns, pray and voice the responses. Children learn liturgical behavior by copying you. If you have to leave Mass with your child, feel free to do so, but please come back. As Jesus said “Let the children come to me.” Remember that the way we welcome children in church directly affects the way they respond to the church, to God, and to one another. Let them know that they are at home in this house of worship. Please let your child use the reverse side of this card to draw and doodle. TO OTHER MEMBERS OF OUR PARISH The presence of children is a gift to the church and they are a reminder that our parish is growing. Please welcome our children and give a smile of encouragement to their parents. If you see a parent struggling, please offer to help them! Source:

10.21.14 Parish Council Meeting Minutes

St. Andrew Parish Council Meeting | MINUTES

Meeting date 10/21/2014 Meeting location Rectory Basement

Meeting called to order at: 7:02 by Father Angel

PEOPLE PRESENT: Father Angel, Shari Loback, Cevin Moses, Dan Seuser, Jim Stiles, Lauren Bandler, Patti

Soukup, Patti Wright, Paul Schmelzer, Shelley Koch, Tina Janssen GUESTS: Mark Kemmeter-
Archdiocese; Carol Corbielle- Parishioner

PEOPLE ABSENT: Dan Guadian (excused), Tom Bertrand (excused)

APPROVAL OF LAST MONTH’S MINUTES: Approved by Tina Janssen, second by Cevin Moses

PASTOR’S REPORT: Prayer Tree has been a success Harvest Meal had a good turnout. Thank you to all

who worked to put it together; Suggestions have been made to have more “socials” to bring our

community together; Father Angel completed an organizational chart with the help of Shelley Koch and

Carol Corbielle of St. Andrew’s Admin Systems and all sub committee’s and will be given to all

committees and shown at parish assembly; The survey was presented to the parish council to give a

feedback by the members. It will be done on the weekend of November 1-2 during all the masses. A

team made of some members of the parish council will give the last review before the final version of

the survey. The responses will be used to aid in further growth and improvement of our Parish.

VOICE OF THE PEOPLE: Mark Kemmeter from Archdiocese Presentation & Q&A (30 min):

Clarification was given on the role of Parish Council and future growth of our Parish. The purpose of

Parish Council (i.e. Pastoral Council) is as follows, “To investigate what pertains to Pastoral works,

ponder, and propose practical conclusions (c. 511)”.



October 14, 2014 Present: Fr. Angel, Jim Santy, Neill Flood, Ed Clair, Tom Bertrand, Jim Stiles, Tina

Janssen, Shelley Koch, Shari Loback, Dan Guadian and Teri Krueger Excused: Deb Alder Meeting called

to order at 7:00 pm by Jim Santy A motion was made by Neill Flood to accept the minutes from the

September 9, 2014 Finance Council meeting. Seconded by Jim Stiles. Motion approved. Pastor’s

Report: Fr. Angel reported that he is exploring the possibility of a future partnership with the University

of Dayton to provide faith formation training sessions. Old Business: Committee Reports Teri Krueger

reported the school has enrolled 149 students vs. 140 that were budgeted. English religious education

has 66 students vs. 81 budgeted. Hispanic religious education has 120 students vs. 90 that were

budgeted. An approximate contribution of $10,000 in stock is expected to be donated to the Annual

Fund which will also mean an additional $10,000 in matching funds with this donation. Repairs to

Preschool Area Shelly Koch reported that several bids have been obtained to repair the roof above the

preschool area of the school. Additional masonry bids are being obtained as part of the wall will need

some repair before the roof can be addressed. Facilities/Campus Needs Committee Report Neill Flood

reported that the committee is to meet next week to hopefully finalize the list of campus needs. There

are a number of major projects that will need to be addressed and prioritized once the list is complete.

Parish Center Committee Report Jim Stiles stated that the committee has asked Russ DiPietro to give the

committee three alternative plans for a Parish Center space that would hold approximately 120 people.

Church A/C Request Follow-up Teri Krueger distributed an assessment of the church A/C unit from Earl

Vorpagel. He agrees that the A/C unit will need to be replaced in the near future as the refrigerant used

in the current system is being eliminated from use. It is still functioning at the present time and certain

testing during spring maintenance could give some additional indication of the time frame left on the

unit. Landscaping Follow-up/Eagle Scout Project The Eagle Scout landscaping project is complete.

$2,665 of donations were received while $2,205.50 was spent. Fr. Angel and Andrew Leitzke will discuss

the use of the remaining funds. Robert Brown Bequest Ed Clair proposed a $250 thank you gift to the

Davidson Family who were the caretakers of the Robert Brown property from the time of his death until

the sale of the property. Jim Santy made a motion to accept this proposal. Neill Flood seconded the

motion. Motion was unanimously passed. New Business: New Finance Council Appointment Parish

Council is in the process of looking for another person to appoint to the Finance Council to replace Dan

Casey. September Financials Financials were distributed by Teri Krueger. Jim Santy noted weekly

collections were close to the expected 25% of the annual budgeted amount. Finance Council Manual

Shelly Koch stated she will begin to assemble a Finance Council manual that would describe the role of

the Finance Council as well as include a financial procedure section to be used as a handbook for

employees and volunteers. Meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm. Next Meeting: November 11, 2014


No Report


Homeless Shelter is Open and underway for the season; St. Andrews will sponsor the shelter in Mid-
December and again in February; They are looking for meal donations as well as food donations for

breakfast and lunch; Men to stay overnight are needed during the St. Andrew sponsored weeks; Human

Concerns would like to branch out to more community needs (i.e. pro-life movement, coats for kids;

thanksgiving meals for those in need) but needs volunteers to spear-head these initiatives.


No Report


October 1, 2014 Members Present: Katie Duckworth, Hollie Lefel, Anne Foster, Dave Malisow, Ed

Clair, Lauren Bandler, John Chovanec, Deb Amici. Topics/Issues/Projects Discussed. Old Business:

Minutes Approved Public Comment: Bridget Vaughn – Fundraising Idea. St. Patrick’s Day Festival at the

School. Irish Music, Food and Beer tickets to raise money for school. Pastor’s Report: No Report.

Principal’s Report: Accreditation Visit (10/15-16). 2014-15 Goals (WRISA Long Rang Goals, Archdiocese

School Improvement Plan).Student Count = 148 (140 budgeted). “Soles” walk for Catholic Education

October 25th, 56 participants Decisions Made Alumni List/Activities – On Going School Fundraising

Envelopes at other parishes Bilingual Communication – Come up with a long range plan Subcommittee

Chair names posted on Website Parish Council – Paid position for finance/accounting being considered

Creation of a School committee newsletter Follow-Up Work – Person(s) Responsible 5 minutes to report

on activities of these committees. Who are the other members on these committees? ALL. Can the

various committee members’ names be posted on website? Next Meeting: (Date/Major Agenda Items)

November 5, 2013


No Report


Will be asking PC to make a motion to change website hosting from Dynamic Internet Solutions to

eCatholic. It will be a savings of $180 a year that we can put towards Flocknote (which is also affiliated

with eCatholic and easily integrated). It is very intuitive and easy to design for almost everybody adding

things to our website and has everything we use right now on our website. Once it is approved I will

move everything over. Will also be asking PC to move to adopt Flocknote as our new communications

initiative. Once approved I will get lists made and send out information to everyone. Questions were

asked about voice phone calls. They are read by a recorded voice but it is a difference of about $700 a

year to use another service and I don’t think it is worth that much more to get Father’s voice on the

phone calls. More on Flocknote: Quickly gather & organize your member contact info Got an existing

contact list? No problem, simply import it into Flocknote and start communicating. Still need help

gathering those pesky emails and phone numbers from your members? Flocknote makes that easy too.

They can text-to-join (right from their phone) at your next gathering, follow a link you share or subscribe

right from your existing website. All the data you gather is kept private, secure and is yours to do with

what you like. Listen to your people, without them logging in Great communication is about more than

just making announcements. It’s also about listening, relating and building real relationships. That’s why

Flocknote gives you simple ways to have group conversations, conduct polls and solicit RSVPs to

events…all without your members ever having to log in. It just works. Teamwork made easy Flocknote

works well no matter the size of your group – whether 10 people or 10 million. Create as many

communication lists (or sub-lists) as you need to reach all of the groups within your organization. No

more productivity bottlenecks – give each of your leaders the limited access they need to communicate

with their own groups any time they need to. And you get increased oversight, archives, and

accountability in the process. Made for mobile Easy to use from any tablet or mobile device! Not to

mention, almost half of all email is now opened on a mobile device. Flocknote makes it so you don’t

have to worry if your emails look good on your members’ mobile devices or email apps. Your notes look

great on smartphones and tablets. You can even choose to send a standard text message to your

members. Text messaging has the best open rate (97%) of all communication methods. Double

attendance to your events, announce last minute changes, warn of bad weather, mobilize for a cause

and more. The possibilities are endless. Up-to-date member data Completely customize the fields when

somebody subscribes to your organization. Either admins or your members themselves can keep their

contact info up-to-date. Even better, if a small group leader updates a person’s contact info, it’s

automatically updated for every list that person is on. All data used for Flocknote is encrypted with the

latest technology and is never, ever sold, rented or given to third-parties. You own your data and can

export it at any time. Flocknote is also integration-friendly! We have an API if you’re interested in

integrating Flocknote more deeply into your own software. Just let us know if you’d like to talk more.

Useful analytics We don’t bog you down with useless data – we track what’s important. Check open rates

to know who is opening your emails and when they open them. SimplicityMobileCollaborateMember

DataAnalyticsPhone Calls So simple you’ll actually use it There are a lot of powerful software tools out

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DATE OF MEETING: 10/7/2014 NAME OF LIASON: Cevin Moses Members Present: Cevin Moses,

Hesperus Spooner, Karen Seemann, Gretchen Wolfer 1. Topics/Issues/Projects Discussed: Movie Night,

Dinners for Eight 2. Decisions Made: Set dates for Dinners for Eight 11/8/14 and Movie Night 11/15/14

3. Follow-Up Work – Person(s) Responsible: Gretchen – Dinners for Eight organizing, Cevin – Movie title

selection and advertising. 4. Next Meeting: (Date/Major Agenda Items): 11/4/14


DATE OF MEETING: September 17, 2014 Members Present: Dan Seuser, Sean Mckean, Dave Malisow,

Shelley Koch, Terri Krueger, Tim O’neill 1. Topics/Issues/Projects Discussed. Washing Windows As of

September 17 the school was not done Gym Floor-Redone for free in June Nursery School Roof- Langer

Roof inspections Phone system/Internet Provider 2. Decisions Made 3. Follow-Up Work – Person(s)

Responsible Called Steve Fettig regarding internet service for all buildings- He said it was possible to get

wireless for all buildings. He was going out of town and should be getting back to me soon. 4. Next

Meeting: (Date/Major Agenda Items) October 15, 2014


● Gathering space report: DiPietro Assoc. will be providing 3 new designs for Gathering Space.

Potential locations are:

 Converting the school garage

 Adding a building in the parking lot between the church and rectory

 Making the school handicap accessible for use of the school cafeteria

● Revise Mission Statement of Parish Progress: Fr. Angel will be proposing 3 different potential

mission statements during the Parish Assembly on November 8th. All committee members who

attend the meeting will have the opportunity to vote on the statement that best aligns with St.

Andrew’s focus.

● Bylaws Progress: Bylaws may need to be adjusted to accommodate another Finance

Representative from Parish Council (see bullet below)

● Appoint Finance Council Member: More at-large members needed

Per the new Norms set by the Archdiocese, Finance Committee should have 5-7 members, 2 of

which need to be a Parish Council Member.

Options to accommodate this requirement are:

 Adjust the Bylaws to add another Parish Council member who would serve as a Finance

Liaison (in conjunction with Tina J.)

 Ask a current Finance Member to also serve on Parish Council

● Flocknote

 Information on Flocknote is provided in the above Communications Committee report.

 Decision was made to move the St. A’s website to eCatholic

 Decision was made to go ahead with Flocknote for the year to improve communications


● Service Directory Update: Patti Soukup will be spearheading updating our Parish Service


● Parish Assembly: November 8 1st Draft-

 Each Committee will discuss what they do for our Parish and what they need to be


 Presentation on the Synod will be given

MEETING ADJOURNED: 9:08 by Shari Loback, 2nd by Jim Stiles



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