Recent News from St. Andrew's, Delavan, WI


June 17, 2014


CALL TO ORDER:  Fr. Angel called the meeting to order at 7:35 P.M.

PRESENT: Fr. Jim, Fr. Angel, Tina Janssen, Lauren Bandler, Shari Loback, Patti Wright, Cevin Moses, Jim Stiles, Enrique Rodriguez, Dan Seuser, Paul Schmelzer.

ABSENT: Patti Soukup,Tom Bertrand

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: May, 2014 Parish Council minutes approved.


  • DePietro Design Assoc. met with the Gathering Space Committee to discuss options/ideas.
  • Fr. Angel is in need of a part time Admin Assistant to help with Database Administration and general Admin Duties.
  • Fr. Angel is now the full time Pastor at St. Andrews and Fr. Jim is now full time at St. Francis.




  • Balanced budget for 2014-15 has been approved by Finance and submitted to Parish Council.   Approval by Parish Council is expected to occur by June 20, 2014.
  • Approvals of Robert Brown funeral and admin expenses have been approved.
  • A campus planning initiative is underway with Sean McKean, Neill Flood, and Dan Seuser to determine all capital improvement needs and the priority in which they should be done.
  • Review of Finance Council Guidelines going into place as of July 1st.  The terms of all members have been realigned and are now staggered so that the max of service is no more than 4 years.



  • Fr. Jim reported the homeless shelter is now closed for the summer months.


  • Paul Schmelzer has been appointed as liaison to Prayer and Worship.   He will attend July’s Prayer & Worship Meeting and provide report at next Parish Council Meeting.


  • Looking at expanding the Web Page and have it become more interactive.   Possibly stream Mass or replay the Masses on a weekly basis?
  • Shari also reported that although we already have a blog, we need to utilize it more.  Possibly have “guest-bloggers”.



  • The committee is looking at starting a “Movie Night” once a month in the cafeteria.  They would possibly offer dinner (i.e. pizza, hot dogs) along with the movie.
  • Pre-planning for St. Andrew’s to host a Mission in the spring of 2015 is underway.  Themes are still being discussed.
  • The Hispanic Community has offered to host the Harvest Pot Luck this year.   The dinner is scheduled for October 19, 2014.  A full Mexican Meal will be provided but those attending will be asked to bring a beverage or dessert.
  • PBJ Lenten Project was a success. Our Food Pantry received over 200 jars of Peanut Butter and 200 of Jelly.  Many thanks to those that donated.



  • Lauren Bandler has been voted new Chairperson for School Committee, replacing Jesse Wright.
  • Four new members have been appointed:  Ed Clair, Hollie Lefel, Katie Duckworth, Sheila Ventiecher.
  • School Committee thanks:  Jess Wright, Jeff Scherer, Cathy Gengler and Shari Loback for their service.
  • The school has recently received a new computer server donated by Steve Fettig.
  • The dress code is being revised for next school year.
  • School is looking for an Athletic Director.   An idea is to have 2 volunteers split the duties.
  • The school would like to focus on 3 services projects for the 2014-15 year.   Ideas are still being discussed.
  • A replacement for Lisa Quartucci has been hired.
  • Tour ‘D Tec was a success, thanks to Susan O’Grady for heading this important fundraiser.



  • Taco Stand at Parish Festival will contain Chimichangas on Friday evening.
  • Sunday English classes have seized for summer. However, they will continue on Mondays and Thursdays through the summer.



  • Fr. Jim reported that one of the boilers in the church is in need of repair.
  • Dan Seuser has been appointed as liaison to Buildings & Grounds.   He will attend July’s Meeting and provide report at next Parish Council Meeting.


PARISH LIFE– Cevin Moses:

  • Portrait Sessions were a huge success, 2 more dates have now been added.   Lifetouch will be here again on June 27 and 28.
  • A parish picnic is being planned for August 17, 2014 at Veteran’s Park.
  • Dinners for 8 will begin in November.   Gretchen Wolfer and Giovanna Moses are heading up the organization of the program.
  • Parish Life will be meeting on the 1st Tuesday of every month at 5:30 in the rectory.   They are looking for new members.



Voting on new chair person.

  • By unanimous vote, Shari Loback has been voted as new Parish Council chair person.

Liaison assignments

  • Dan Seuser has been appointed to Buildings and Grounds; Paul Schmelzer has appointed to Prayer and Worship; Patti Wright has been moved to Secretary of Parish Council.
  • The following committees need Parish Council representation:

o   Dreaming and Visioning/ RCIA

o   Human Concerns

Gathering space project– Lauren Bandler and Jim Stiles:

  • Committee has met and are discussing options.

By-laws– Fr. Angel

  • Committee is being formed to discuss submitting by-laws to archdiocese.

Gardening project (By Andrew Leitzke)

  • Andrew provided update of his Eagle Scout Project.

o   Provided design and repair options

o   Andrew will speak to Lynn Treutal

SYNOD– Lauren Bandler

  • Synod was attended by Lauren Bandler, Fr. Jim and Deacon Phil.
  • Over 500 delegates were in attendance.
  • All delegates were asked to provide feedback on where there is room for growth within the church.  This information was submitted to the Archdiocese.



  • Father will perform a review of parish employees’ job description and performance evaluation in fall.
  • Joined parish councils (Elkhorn):

i.      Annual picnic scheduled on July 16th, 2014 in Elkhorn

  • Cemetery funding:

i.      Funding is low.   Ideas welcome on how to increase funding

  • Administrative Assistant (process of selection and possible candidates):

i.      PT Admin Assistant needed

  • Survey Monkey:

i.      Survey to be sent out to Parish Community in the Fall


ADJOURNED:  A motion to adjourn by Tina Janssen, seconded by Paul Schmelzer at 9:35 P.M.



Patti Wright

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