Recent News from St. Andrew's, Delavan, WI

School Committee 6.4.14







june 4, 2014 – 7:40 P.M.





Members Present:        Jesse Wright                               Lauren Bandler

John Chovanec                           Fr. Jim Schuerman                                    Dave Malisow                                        Shari Loback

Anne Foster                               Deb Amici (guest)

Members Absent:         Dr. Jeff Scherer

Cathy Gengler


New Members:             Mike Heindselman

Katie Duckworth

Hollie Lefel

Ed Clair

Sheila Venteicher

Pastor’s Report:   As of June 17, 2014, Fr. Jim will be handing over the Administrator Duties to Fr. Angel.  Fr. Jim has been at St. Andrew’s for 5 years.


Principal’s Report: (see handout) New Computer Server being installed over the summer.  Latino initiative – Notre Dame University- to be attended by Fr. Angel, Mr. Donagan and Principal Chovanec.   Prayer Tree.-Fall 2014.   Accreditation – Sue Nelson, Archdiocese Curriculum Audit.  Accreditation visit in October of 2015.  2 representatives of the School Committee should be present on date of audit to answer questions.   Interviews of teachers for the math position will take place middle of June.


Teachers’ Report:  A watch was purchased from Utiger’s for Lisa Quartucci.   The Dress Code is being revised.   Rules regarding parking & picking up of students at dismissal time need to be adhered to, Amendment in handbook?


Finance Committee:   No report.


Home & School Committee: Presenting Yellow Rose Bush/Vase to Lisa Quartucci. Atomic Clock- Fundraisers at Little Caesars and Possibly Culvers.


Athletics:  Tim will not be the AD next year.  Possible shared position between 2 people.


Technology Committee:   New Computer Server donated by Steve Fettig.  Tour de Tech was a success.


Old Business:    New committee members were introduced.  Possible tour of school to see technology progress? School Committee Meeting encouraged for summer, to discuss and amend By-Laws, if changes are necessary.


New business:  Financial gift to school-Impact?


Meeting was adjourned. 8:45PM


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