Recent News from St. Andrew's, Delavan, WI

                                     ST. ANDREW PARISH COUNCIL MEETING




CALL TO ORDER: Fr. Jim called the meeting to order at 7:33 P.M.

PRESENT: Fr. Jim, Shari Loback, Tina Jansen, Enrique Rodriguez, Patti Soukup, Tom Bertrand, Patty Wright, Jim Stiles, Kevin Moses, and Fr. Angel.

ALSO PRESENT: Andrew Leitzke (Eagle Scout), and Principal John Chovanec

ABSENT: Lauren Bandler

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes from the February Parish Council meeting approved by Tom Bertrand and seconded by Jim Stiles.

PASTORS REPORT: Fr. Jim stated that Holy Week will soon be here and schedules will be busy.

VOICE OF THE PEOPLE: Parish member Andrew Leitzke (Eagle Scout) asked permission of the council to do some landscaping around the Church ramp as a project for scouting.

Tom Bertrand moved, seconded by Patti Soukup and unanimously approved to allow Andrew to do the landscaping.


ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES AND FINANCE:  Tina reported that the Parish budget work has begun and that the school has been putting numbers together for their budget.

Principle Jon Chovanec reported that the parish school will be losing 7 students for the 2014-2015 school year and that insurance premiums had increased therefore he is requesting some funding from the parish to meet the needs of the parish school.

HUMAN CONCERNS: Patti S. reported that the meeting for March had been canceled.

PRAYER AND WORSHIP: Nothing to report

COMMUNICATIONS: Shari noted that web site had been down all day and nothing of substance to report.

Christian Formation: Patti W. noted that there is some concern regarding lack of servers for mass. She added the deaf ministries will have 2 interpreters present for confirmation. The Hispanic confirmation was 2 weeks ago. The group is looking into participating next year at Camp Edwards for leaders. It was discussed of trading off every other year for the Harvest Dinner and Parish Pot Luck. The men of Christ retreat went very well, it was noted that a possible Lenten project of writing letters to prisoners be considered. She noted that Dreaming & Visioning committee talked about making Baptizing Packages , this was also talked about at Home & Scholl committee meeting.

SCHOOL COMMITTEE: Shari reported that an electronic family newsletter will go out on Fridays. The town Hall meeting will be tomorrow night Wednesday March 17th, with a presentation by Eric Zatkowski in the “dangers of the internet”. There will be a Latino enrollment initiative workshop to be held in July and the Arch Diocese Chose St Andrews as a representative.

HISPANIC LEADERS COMMITTEE: Enrique reported that there are several events taking place, 2nd weekend in April a retreat for men in Sheboygan, this coming weekend in Lake Geneva and a Confirmation retreat April 4th & 5th, he also noted that Good Friday there will be a Living Way of the Cross at 6:00 p.m…

BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS: Nothing to report


NEXT STEPS IN FORMATION OF PARISH LIFE TEAM: Kevin Moses reported that the Parish Life Team consists of Hesperus Spooner, Karen Seeman, Jim Loback, Monica Damrow, and Kathy Lietzke. The 3 main categories of discussion and action will be Dreaming & Visioning, Stewardship and Community. It was noted that Jovan Moses wants to head up a “Dinner for Eight” every year with confirmation students.

Principal Chovanec, inquired about the usage of the School gym to outside organizations and costs to them for using the gym.


NEW COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES: Father Angel reported that there were 3 individuals who are interested. There are 3 positions to be filled, and terms that will be ending in June, these will be discussed at next meeting.

NET PARISH COUNCIL MEETING: Due to the regular meeting date falling during the last week in Lent the Parish Council meeting for April will be held on April 22nd.

ADJOURNED:  A motion to adjourn by Tina Janssen, seconded by Shari Loback at 9:11 P. M.




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