Recent News from St. Andrew's, Delavan, WI

June 21-22, 2014

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

This is officially my first Sunday as your pastor, and I’m so excited to be here for each of you, and once more, I want to remind you that you can count on my love and support for you and for the good of our parish as a whole. Up to this day, I have felt so loved and supported by you, something for which I’m very grateful. I trust that with your help and the Lord’s, we will make of this parish community a real welcoming place for everyone. Putting to work our talents, time and treasure, we will see our parish grow in numbers and commitment for the salvation of souls.

Let’s talk a bit about the feast we celebrate today, CORPUS CHRISTI.  We remember that our Lord Jesus Christ gave himself  for us in his body, soul and divinity, not only at the cross 2000 years ago, but every day when we receive Him in the greatest mystery of our Church: THE MOST HOLY EUCHARIST!

And this is a big mystery. Before He went up to heaven, he said to His disciples: “I will be with you always until the end of the ages,”  trying to say with this, that He literarily will be with us to nourish and sustain our lives. I want to invite you to be grateful for this wondrous mystery of God’s love who so desperately love His children that decided to stay with us so humble and simple as a little piece of Bread.

God’s Blessings,

Father Angel Anaya




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