Recent News from St. Andrew's, Delavan, WI





JANUARY 8, 2014




Members Present:        John Chovanec                           Jesse Wright

Cathy Gengler                            Shari Loback

Fr. Jim Schuerman                     Dave Malisow

Lauren Bandler

Members Absent:         Anne Foster

Fr. Angel Anaya

Jeff Scherer


It was reported that John Chovanec took over coaching for Tim Ruesch.


There was no Pastor’s Report.


See handout for Principal’s Report.


There was no Teacher’s Report.


It was noted that it is time to prepare for the budget.  There is still a deficit.  The St. Nick’s Breakfast raised approximately $13,000.00.


There was no Home and School Committee Report.


Athletics – Tim Ruesch reported that the Spartan Spectacular will be starting on January 20, 2014.  The team has personalized uniforms.


Shari Loback suggested that contact be made with 4th and 5th graders getting ready to go to public school and invite them to the Spartan Spectacular.


There was no Building and Grounds Committee report.


The Technology Committee reported that the computer lab is fully functional.  15 Ipads have been delivered and are waiting for cases and apps to connect with smart boards.


The School Committee discussed the addition of a St. Pat’s member to this Committee.


Under New Business, ideas for the 2nd half of the year included reducing redundancy of fundraising approaching businesses; and understanding what types of committees and structure is needed – where the individual committees fit.


The idea of rolling fees into the cost of tuition was also discussed.


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