Recent News from St. Andrew's, Delavan, WI

St. Andrew Parish Council Minutes


January 28, 2014 7:30pm Rectory basement

Meeting called by

Father Jim Schuerman

Type of meeting

Monthly Parish Council Meeting


Father Jim Schuerman

Note taker

Shari Loback


Shari Loback


PRESENT: Father Jim Schuerman, Patti Wright, Enrique Rodriguez, Tina Janssen, Lauren Bandler, Tom Bertrand, Shari Loback

ABSENT: Patti Soukup, Brooke Heide, Jim Stiles


PASTOR’S REPORT, Father Jim Schuerman: Erick Bourgeois is withdrawing from Parish Council and President for personal reasons. Laura Szatkowski (Human Concerns Representative) has also resigned from parish council for personal reasons. We welcome Patti Wright to Parish Council. She will represent Christian Formation.

Discussion: Father Jim will need to appoint replacements. 3 people are currently needed to fulfill parish council spots.

Action items

Person responsible


Put openings in Parish Bulletin and on website. Shari Loback 2.4.14
Father Jim needs to appoint any interested people. Father Jim Schuerman 3.18.14
Patti Wright needs to attend Christian Formation Meetings Patti Wright Beg.Next Month



v  ADMINISTRATIVE & FINANCE SERVICES, Tina Janssen: Three motions were made and approved by FC. From the bequest: –$20,000 grant to Friends of St. Andrews; –Not to exceed $14,000 for rectory kitchen renovations; –$135,000 to pay down mortgage (all these are subject to Fr. Jim and Fr. Angel’s final decision) Remainder of bequest to be used towards Parish Center. Budget presentations to start in March. Looking to form committee to explore Parish Life Center with members from Parish Council, Parish Finance, and Buildings & Grounds. Lauren Bandler has accepted the position on the Parish Life Center Committee representing Parish Council. Other members as of date Fran Schmidt, Jim Stiles and Neill Flood.

v  HUMAN CONCERNS (Need Rep), Father Jim Schuerman: 20 people using homeless shelter at this time. We need more volunteers. Father Angel has made an appeal to the parish men at Mass.

v  PRAYER & WORSHIP (Need Rep), Father Jim Schuerman: There is 1 Feast before Lent begins, Ash Wednesday March 5: The Presentation of Our Lord on February 2.

v  COMMUNICATIONS, Shari Loback: Shari has been keeping up the St. Andrew online calendar for school and parish. Would like this taken care of by parish and school secretaries to keep it more accurate and get rid of redundant work. Calendars can be printed from the website and separate ones do not need to be kept. Father Jim approved scheduling training with Virginia.

v  CHRISTIAN FORMATION (Patti Wright just appointed): No report.

v  SCHOOL COMMITTEE, Lauren Bandler: Held Open House late January. Approximately 3 new families took a tour. District 3 School Choice program will take place on February 20 at Catholic Central and several SC members, interested parents, and principal will be attending to see if there are benefits to becoming a school choice district. Looking to add a St. Patrick Parish Member to School Committee. Will be restructuring School Committee and sub-committees to improve communication and streamline processes. School computer lab completely functional and serves the largest class with a few computers to spare in case of breakdowns.

v  HISPANIC LEADERS, Enrique Rodriguez: Will be doing retreat in the summer. February 14 will be a party in school cafeteria for adults and children watched and entertained on 3rd floor.

v  BUILDINGS & GROUNDS (Need Rep): No report.





We are in need of a leader to take over the Parish Life Team. We need someone who really understands the goal and agenda of this committee.


Ask Parish Leaders and people involved with the Parish Life survey to make recommendations.

Action items

Person responsible


Bring Ideas for Leadership All PC Members 3.18.14

Synod Preparation

Lauren Bandler


All meetings have been held along with the Dishing with Disciples groups. 3 High School students needed to participate March 1 at St. Francis de Sales day-long session, can send as many as 8 people. Synod takes place in June Archdiocese-wide.


Contact Shelley Koch for possible H.S. Students

Action items

Person responsible


Contact Shelley Koch for possible H.S. Students Lauren Bandler 2.28.14


Resource persons

Special notes

current parish council members

(please use as email list)

Patti Wright, Christian Formation     

Enrique Rodriguez, Hispanic Ministry

Tina Janssen, Finance                         

Lauren Bandler, School Committee  

Tom Bertrand, Trustee Treasurer   

Patti Soukup, Secretary                      

Jim Stiles, Trustee Secretary              

Shari Loback, Communications         


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