Recent News from St. Andrew's, Delavan, WI

Parish Council Meeting Minutes for June 18, 2013


Present: Fr. Jim Schuerman, Fr. Angel Anaya, Erick Bourgeois, Theresa Watts, Tina Janssen, Enrique Rodriguez, Cevin Moses, Shari Loback, Tom Benigno.       Excused: Patti Soukup, Tom Bertrand, Dan Guadian

Meeting opened with a reading from the Gospel of Matthew and the Our Father. Minutes Approved: May 2013 minutes were approved by e-mail to members

Pastor’s Report:  New Principal for school has been hired.  John Chovanec, who will start the position on July 1, 2013. Also

hired was Brian Wrightson as the School Music teacher and Parish Director of Music.  Father Jim welcomed Father Angel as our Associate Pastor. Father Angel is assuming Administrative duties at St. Andrews. He is now residing at our parish rectory.  Father Jim has moved to the rectory at St. Frances de Sales in Lake Geneva. Voice of the People: None  COMMITTEE REPORTS         Administrative and Finance: Tina Janssen reported that at 11 months into the parish budget, we have a  short fall of $79,000. Total income is below budget by $104,000, approx. 9% from budgeted amounts. Below budget: $52,000 weekly contributions, $24,000 special donations, $17,000 fundraisers, $7,000 buildings and grounds, $4000 Christian Formation. Expense is under budget by $16,000, the committee members expressed thanks to department heads for keeping expenses below their budgets. The 2013- 2014 budget is still being analyzed and should be approved at a special meeting on July 1. Human Concerns: No report  Prayer and Worship: No report      Communication: Shari Loback reported that there will be a float to promote St. Andrews in the 4th of July parade in the City of Delavan. Shari is seeking volunteers to help with the float. The information about the new principal has been posted on the website and Facebook, and a news release will be going into  the newspapers.      Religious Formation: Cevin Moses reported that Religious Formation committee members did not meet in May. Cevin attended the Visioning & Dreaming meeting; discussion on having the prayer tree this school year, Deacon Phil has contacted the Chaplain at the Wal Cty jail to inquire about parishioners writing letters to prisoners to reach out to them with  faith and inspiration, a date will be chosen to celebrate with the parish at the Fall Harvest Pot Luck Dinner, other discussions were the Pallium Lecture featuring Archbishop Dolan, school grocery bag donations to the Food Pantry, Chris Stefanick DVD presentation to Religious Formation High school students, and a farewell reception for outgoing staff. School Committee: Reported was discussion on the principal search, Farewell to Julie Kadrich and revisions to the school budget.                          Hispanic Leaders Committee: Enrique reported that the Mass leaders will meet with Father Angel in July to review roles and seek leaders. The menu at the Spanish Food booth for the parish festival will be enhanced with favorite food items. Buildings and Grounds:  No report


Parish Life Team  Cevin Moses reported that after his presentation of Stewardship at the Sunday Masses, he is taking time to work with Barb Vite of the Archdiocese to create a plan for moving forward with the Parish Life Committee. Cevin will work with Father Angel to translate his presentation to Spanish for the 11:30 Mass.  Stewardship Presentation – Barb Vite, Stewardship Director, Archdiocese of Milwaukee presented a seminar at St. Francis de Sales in Lake Geneva.  Attendees from St. Andrews were Father Jim, Cevin Moses, Theresa Watts, Patty Kostechka and Al Seemann.


Parish Council Elections: A ballot will be offered at the Masses on June 22-23 for parishioners to vote on the 3 members who have accepted nominations. These members are Lauren Bandler, Brook Heide and Laura Szatkowski.  Their terms will begin on July 1, 2013.  Retiring parish council members are Dan Guadian, David Zampino and Cevin Moses. Archbishop Listecki’s Pastoral Letter: Father Jim presented copies to all parish council members in May. The first step of the Synod timeline is for our parish to hold a reflection session for parish staff and pastoral council members on the Archbishop’s letter. The session is planned for July 7th at 4:00pm.  The Archdiocese of Milwaukee Synod will take place  June 7-8, 2014.*  Parishes and clusters will hold a session based on the Pastoral Letter to give input towards the future of the archdiocese. St. Andrews will need a delegate at the synod session.  Parish Registration – Hispanic Registration forms will be available after 11:30 mass on June 30 to encourage our Spanish community to register as parishioners.   Pallium Lecture: Sept. 5th, 2013. Cardinal Dolan will be the speaker. Joint Parish Council Meeting: St. Andrews and St. Patrick’s council members will meet together at St. Andrews Rectory Patio on Tuesday, July 16, at 6:30pm.

Motion to adjourn the meeting by Erick Bourgeois, seconded by Tom Beningo Respectfully Submitted

Theresa Watts     Trustee Secretary


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