Recent News from St. Andrew's, Delavan, WI


It was an exciting week for Catholics around the world with the election of Pope Francis I. To help their students understand the process of a conclave, Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade teachers Ms. Burns, Mrs. Smith, and Mr. Donagan, respectively, had their students assemble to vote for an ice cream flavor.

On the first vote Wednesday, the children got to pick any flavor they wanted. Thursday, after two votes in the morning on and two in the afternoon, just like the Cardinals in Rome, there was still black smoke (black construction paper). But the flavors were narrowed down to Superman, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Cookie Dough.

Only after 66% of the children elected the same flavor would everyone get to have their elected ice cream. Each grade had different ways in logic of how to come to an agreement and the excitement built with each vote.

Friday morning’s first vote, there was still no winner. But on the second vote, the white smoke (construction paper) appeared! The elected ice cream was Cookie Dough!

The students will enjoy their cookie dough ice cream and may appreciate the Cardinals’ job this week a little more. Thank you St. Andrew teachers!


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